Madell DP2006-3

Full Automatic Pick and Place Machine

DP2006-3 with carry-on feeder and camera for 600mm LED assembling

DP2006-3 Layout
DP2006-3 is an upgraded version of DP2006-2 to increase feeder capacity and accept bigger PCB's.

DP2006-3 Features

  • Full automatic with computer vision alignment
  • Windows based control software, friendly user interface
  • X and Y axes precision 0.002"
  • Speed: 1800 parts/hour with SX-2 feeders; 2500 parts/hour with SX-3 or PX feeders if vision is enabled
  • Smallest parts: 0402 in automatic machine
  • Works with IC's: QFP, BGA, SOP, etc., 0.5mm pitch
  • Smart Vision: no need of reference or template pictures for most SMT parts; IC is centered as a whole part and also based on pins. Accurate and easy to use
  • Working area 400mmx600mm, weight 130 pounds.
  • Includes: machine control box, software, one down looking teaching video camera, one up looking bottom view camera, computer vision hardware and software
  • Full programmable Z and rotation movement; Rotation resolution 0.045°
  • Max. feeder capacity: 80 8mm feeders at front or back of the machine, 40 8mm feeders at left or right side (20 8mm feeders can be mounted at left side for desk top machines). Total 120 8mm feeder capacity
  • Feeders for tapes/reels, tubes and trays. Loose part support, carousel not supported, cut tape can be manually handled
  • Standard machine equipped with closed loop feedback stepper motors on XY axes, stepper motors on Z and A axes
  • Comes with 10 SX-2 feeders
  • Desktop model is the standard model; floor model available
  • Machine is fully assembled and tested, not DIY.
  • Made in USA

  • Computer
  • Additional up looking cameras
  • Automatic nozzle changer
  • More tape feeders(SX-2,SX-3 and PX feeders), vibrate feeders, IC tray fixture
  • Bulk feeders
  • Fly vision
  • Linear sliders on Y axes instead of ball bearing shafts
  • Paste dispenser on pick and place machine
  • Down grade X and Y to regular stepper motors. Machine runs 1/3 faster with closed loop stepper motors, also more accurate
  • Vacuum sensor for missed pick up detection
  • Gast vacuum pump (standard machines are equipped with a venture pump to generate vacuum from compressed air. The venture pump consumes significant compressed air). No compressor is needed if vacuum pump is ordered. Compressor is still needed if PX feeders or left side feeder support are purchased.
  • Aluminum or steel machine enclosures

Youtube video for DP2006-3 machine with two pick place heads

DP2006-3, Floor Model