XP-680M High Performance Automatic Pick and Place Machine with 6 Pick Place Heads

Inside of XP-680M, precision ball screws, servo motors and PCB conveyor

XP-260 Automatic Pick and Place Machine

XP-280 Automatic Pick and Place Machine

XP-260 machine in production line

  • Dual, four and six pick and place head machines
  • Made with precision ball screws and servo motors
  • 3500-12000 estimated pph(parts per hour)
  • 450mm x 300mm(XP-260), 680mmx300mm(XP-280) working area
  • Placement of 0402 and bigger parts
  • Computer vision automatic centering system for IC's (SOP, QFP, BGA) and better placement of small parts, software fly vision centering, included
  • Fully programmable digital Z-axis and Theta rotation angles
  • X and Y axis 0.008mm resolution, 0.045° rotational resolution
  • 30 (XP-260) and 80(XP-280, XP-680M) max. feeder capacity (8mm feeder space)
  • Automatic nozzle channger
  • PCB conveyor
  • Automatic PCB board position correction with fiducial recognition included
  • CAD file convert function
  • 12 month full factory warranty - parts & labor
  • Easy to use graphic software for quick programming. Programming can be done with teaching video camera, on screen Gerber file graphics or CAD file
  • 110V AC 60Hz, or 220 V AC, 50Hz, 1000W(XP-260), 1200W(XP-280)
  • Weight: 400Kg(XP-260), 450Kg(XP-280)
  • 60 psi shop air required
  • Machine dimension L1180xW1350XH1480(XP-260), L1460XW1350XH1450(XP-280)
Options and Feeders:
  • Computer
  • Additional up looking cameras (only fixed lens can be used on the video camera for computer vision. Different cameras should be used for small and big parts for best results. Also working speed can be improved if more cameras are placed at different locations close to feeders)
  • First and second paste dispensing adaptor and control software
  • Vibratory feeder for tube parts
  • 8mm  Feeder: 8x2, 8x4 (paper or plastic)
  • 12mm  Feeder: 12x4, 12x8, 12x12
  • 16mm  Feeder: 16x8, 16x12
  • 24mm Feeder: 24x8, 24x12, 24x16
  • 32mm Feeder: 32x12, 32x16, 32x24
  • 44mm Feeder: 44x16, 44x24, 44x32
  • SX-2 and SX-3 feeders

Youtube video: Madell XP-680 automatic pick and place machine

Youtube video: Madell XP-260 automatic pick and place machine