Rotation Stepper Motor
Nema 11 5mm (OD) hollow shaft


 100% Duty Cycle Gast Small Vacuum Pump, 110V AC



Nozzle tips and adaptors


(OD) 8 mm (ID) 3.6 mm



3.5 mm



2.5 mm
PPTIP-25 (black) $20
PPTIP-25S (silver) $20


0.7 mm



1.4 mm



1.0 mm


nozzle tip adaptor for PPTIP-35


nozzle tip adaptor for all others


One peice precise nozzle, tip ID=0.4mm, OD=0.7mm, PONE-04
(out stock)


One peice precise IC nozzle, o-ring sealed tip, tip OD=8.3mm, onoz-8


Clip nozzles can be used with the PPTIP nozzles on the same machine. They are precision machined with a very flat surface at the tip to achieve better vacuum suction than PPTIP nozzles. Their surface area is bigger and pick up is easier. They also offer better centering than PPTIP nozzles.

Clip nozzle adaptor: $65
Clip nozzle tips:

0201: $40, , X-shaped openning, spring loaded tip (#71B)
Tip size (outside): 0.48x0.6mm

0402: $40, , X-shaped openning, spring loaded tip (#71A)
Tip size (outside): 0.73x0.62mm

0402/0603, $30, , round opening, OD=1.2mm, ID=0.51MM, spring loaded tip, (#79A)

0805: $35, ,, X-shapped openning, spring loaded tip(#72A)
Tip size (outside): 0.9x1.7mm

SOP: $25, , round openning(#73A)
Tip size: OD 3.95mm
IC: $35, , oring sealed tip(#74A)
Tip size: OD 8mm
Glass diode: $30, , (#76AHF)
Spring loaded nozzles.
Spring retraction about 3mm
Total lenght with tip: 45mm (4mm longer than PPTIP and Clip nozzles)
Adaptor-1, for nozzles #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #9, $65,
Adaptor-2, for nozzles #6, #7, #8, $65,

Spring nozzle tip #1, for 0201 parts, $40,
Spring nozzle tip #2, for 0402 parts, $40,
Spring nozzle tip #3, for 0603 and 0805 parts, $40,
Spring nozzle tip #4, for 0805, 1206, small SOP, LED parts, $40,
Spring nozzle tip #5, for SOP 16 or bigger parts, $40,
Spring nozzle tip #6, for 10mm TQFP or BGA, $40,
Spring nozzle tip #7, for 15mm TQFP or BGA,$40,
Spring nozzle tip #8, for 25mm TQFP or BGA, $40,

Silicon wafer die nozzle tip(use spring adaptor-1), ID=0.2mm, $83,

*All nozzle adaptors ID=5mm
Customer SMT nozzles and through hole grippers
(minimum nozzle hole ID 0.1mm)




5-channel vibration feeder for tube parts

SX-2 and SX-3 Automatic Tape Feeders

SX-2 feeders,

8mm SX-2 feeders are made in block of 10 each. They include the SX feeder channels. Tape cover tape is peeled automatically.

8 mm $80 each
(sold in block of 10)

12 mm $95 each
16 mm $105 each
SX-3 feeders:
Tape advances in 2mm (for 0402 and 0201) or 4mm (0603,0805,1206) fixed steps,
8x2mm module
8x4mm module
12x4mm module
SX-2 and SX-3 feeders module 16x4mm module

PX Tape Feeders

PX feeders, for fast operation

Bulk feeders for cut tapes, width adjustable, fit 8mm, 12mm, 16mm,24mm, 32mm, 44mm tapes

8mm bulk feeders for cut tapes, 5 channel, works only with 8mm paper tapes

Holder for 8mm tapes. Can hold 10 tape reels.


Holder for 12mm and wider tapes.