Semi-Auto Pick and Place Machine with Split Vision and
BGA Mounting Station



 Standard SM-300

Extended SM-300 for PCB size 12"x16"

SM-300-BGA BGA Rework Station (tape feeders are optional)

Pick up a 0603 part

Pick up an IC

Place a 0603 part

Place a QFP part

Place a BGA

PCB and parts(or nozzle) superimposed for alignment before placing with the SM-300 split vision



$6250 (with split vision and high resolution camera)

SM-300-BGA, $6500


The SM series machines are the result of innovation and extensive experience in both manual and automatic pick and place machines. Designed for easy of operation and fast placement. The SM machines differ from other semi-automatic machines on the market in the sense that more jobs are left for the machine to perform.

SM-300 Features:
  • Motorized X, Y, Z and rotation movements with stepper motors
  • Split vision for fine pitch components and BGA. With split vision, both the circuit board and part on the vacuum nozzle can be seen on the same screen. Accurate alignment is achieved by adjusting the X,Y,Z and rotation while watching the split vision video either on the computer. Bigger split prism is used on the SM-300 than the previous models for larger IC's
  • Direct pick and place, or programmable pick and place sequence
  • Semi auto or full auto mode for resistors/capacitors
  • Teaching video camera integrated with split vision prism, high resolution camera 1280x960 pixels, no computer vision function
  • Max. feeder capacity: 20 SX-2 8mm feeders (loose part tray can not be installed if 20 feeders are installed)
  • Free feeders: ten SX-2 8mm tape feeders and one loose part tray included
  • Works from 0201 to big BGA and other IC's
  • Pick and place speed over 1000 parts per hour for a trained operator
  • Additional feeders
  • Simple and easy to use software
  • Use desktop or laptop computer (XP ,Win 7, Win 8, Win 10, Desktop or Laptop)
  • 12 month full factory warranty
  • 110V AC 60Hz, or 220 V AC, 50Hz
  • Made in USA
  • Machine customization available
  • Regular lead time 2 to 3 weeks
  • The machine can be operated with one or two hands: left hand advances tapes, right hand confirms pick and place by clicking on the mouse. No pick up or place confirmation necessary if auto mode is selected. Direct pick and place for small parts and the split vision is used for IC's
  • Program the feeders and parts in the software
  • Start the pick and place process in the software
  • Machine moves to the programmed feeder location , lowers the nozzle, waits operator to confirm before picking up the part
  • Operator pushes on the SX-2 feeder handle to advance the tape, confirms the pick up by click on the mouse
  • Machine picks up the part, rotates if necessary, moves to the programmed location on the PCB and lowers the nozzle, waits for the operator to adjust the part and confirm before placing the part
  • While watching the split vision, the operator adjusts the part position to align with the PCB
  • Operator confirms to place the part
  • Repeat the above steps until the programmed pick and place process is finished
  • The machine can run in full automatic mode if SX-3 or PX feeders are installed
Options: Designed for prototype assembling operators, production line workers, mother board repair technicians