Madell Pick and Place Machines

We make PCBA affordable, simple and fun

MLP-100 Pick and Place Machine (new)
Made with Linear Servo Motors

MCN-2012 Pick and Place Machine
High precision and fast
SX1000 Series
Preciser than DP2006 series

DP2006-2 Pick and Place Machine
Our most popular model

Lab-X1, full automatic and full loaded for $5650
Full loaded low cost machine
IC Handling, Transferring, Die Sorting Machines

Big PCB area and feeder capacity

Dual, Four and Six Heads Machines
Good for high volume production

 Pick and Place Machine
Software and Parts
Mini Pick and Place Machine
works with 0201 parts, small, precise and fast

Manual Pick and Place Machines
Simple to use
Semi-auto Pick and Place Machines
Take more control of the machine

New, Used, Demo or Prototype Machines
for immediate delivery 

Other Models

LED Machines

New machine configuration:

Set up new pick and place machines based on customer's PCB designs.  Your new machine will be able to start production immediately after you get it. We may need your PCB files and sample PCB boards, possible some special parts.  This is a fee based service. The fee varies with the complexity of PCB's.

Max. Working Areas (X-Y)
Model PX3700, PX3705 PX5700 SX1005 SX1010, SX2010, SX1020/PX6000 DP2011
Max. working area 600x400mm 650x450mm 250x300mm 400x450mm 1500x450mm 350x430mm
Note: vibration feeders, tray fixtures and other items placed on the machine will take working space

Technical Information

Tape feeder: for parts on reel tapes. Specified by the tape width, like 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 24mm etc.
We supply 3 types of tape feeders:

1. PX feeder. fastest and highest cost, easy to set up and use.
2. SX feeder(obsolete). We invented the very low cost SX feeder in 2009. A puncher is installed on the machine head. The puncher comes down to press on the tape and pulls the tape forward. Computer vision is used to find the part on the tape before it is picked up. Weights are used to peel the tape. The weights have to be moved up manually from time to time. We do not offer SX feeders anymore on new production machines.

SX feeders with tape peeling weights

3. SX-2 feeder. Our innovation is faster than imitations. The SX-2 feeder is the second generation of our low cost SX feeder. With the SX-2 feeder, the tape is advanced at the same time that the part is picked up. Computer vision is used to find the part on the tape as needed. The tape is peeled automatically. No weights are necessary anymore. SX-2 feeders are faster and work better for small parts than SX feeders.

SX-2 feeders installed on DP2006-2 machine

4. SX-3 feeder. Works similar as the PX feeder but lower cost. Faster than the SX-2 feeder.

Vibration feeder: for parts packed in tubes. It is also called tube feeder.
Tray feeder: for parts packed in trays. No special feeder is necessary, just a fixture to hold the tray.

Up looking video camera
Up looking video cameras are used to align the picked up part before it is placed on the PCB. The view field of a video camera is fixed, and is suitable for a limited range of part sizes. If a video camera's view field is good for small parts, like 0402 , 0603, it will not be good for big parts. It probably can see only a small portion of a big IC. Additional up looking video cameras have to be used to cover different sized parts.

Extension feeder carrier, extend feeder capacity to 60,80 or more; can be either manual or automatic